New faces Honda CB150R Released Soon!

Otosia - After the success of the launch of Honda CB150R seems increasingly 'Ataxia', followed by the launch crazier 150 but not until their surprise. Honda is now known to prepare a new look CB150R.

At the time of the launch of Honda's first public CB150R to the country, society demonstrated enthusiasm Honda fans. The reason, the competitor has 'disturbing' presence 150 Honda motor sport that previously never conquers Yamaha V-Ixion.

Here, the answer to 'challenge' is. Armed with a 150cc DOHC engine that is assumed as a machine 'baby' CBR, in fact, able to break down the 'challenge' of it.

Honda CB150R

Now, secretly preparing the Honda new look of the Streetfire this.

The changes that are being prepared is basically not a new thing. Because we've served its presence at the time of launching the first time.

The changes contained with the addition of the red color on the bars and frames. Where already a lot of demand for it from prospective customers. Because during this CB150R circulating in the community still black trellis frame.

Honda CB150R Streefire

Indeed, this change in passing a small part. However, as the figure of motor sport that are deliberately showing typical trellis frame, need identity (color) is a little conspicuous. In order for the sporty impression Streetfire increasingly apparent.

Honda CB150R

Until this news was delivered, the Honda has not said exactly when it will be released. However, our estimates will not be much longer because in fact CB150R rapidly increasing demand as well as the competitors.

In essence, it definitely will not let it last long, so hopefully the sooner the better!
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